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About Ruby and Ruby's Run

In December 2006, when all the pledges had come in, including those from far away, Ruby's Run presented the money raised by all the children who participated in the first Ruby Harvey Memorial Children's Run to her preschool.

In addition to the pledges the children collected, direct donations came for the scholarship, after people heard about Ruby's Run and the scholarship, but didn't know of a local Richmond area child to sponsor.

Donations and pledges came in from all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, as well from all across the USA and Canada. Each and every donation and pledge was a special and wonderful way to honor the memory of a lovely little girl, and to help another child.

The organizers of Ruby's Run are very grateful to everyone who contributed.

Our volunteers, both teens and adults, were just awesome!

Below are a few pictures from the ceremony, which was held at 2nd Presbyterian.

The preschool kids, with Kirsten W., and preschool senior staff

Director Susie Corbett, with Bella P., representing the preschool, accepting the pledge money from race participant Kirsten W.
Kirsten was one of our top pledge getters; she turned in eleven pledges totaling $301.00. Way to go, Kirsten!

Ruby's Uncle Mark and Aunt Pam Harvey with Kirsten W., who presented the pledges on behalf of all the children in Ruby's Run