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"Five and six year olds are off to a fast start in the first race of the day". (copyright  Richmond Times Dispatch)


"Ginny M. and Miranda Y., high-five the tree, thus completing the first half of the 4-year-olds race at the Carillon  -'hands' donated by local artist Carter Carpin" (photo courtesy of the Richmond Times Dispatch)

"Reeva C., 8, of Chesterfield, takes off with the seven and eight year olds"

(photo courtesy of the Richmond Times Dispatch)


"Megan W., 12, Gabby U., 13, and Lexi D., 12, play dress up
Ruby loved to do), before running their 2 mile race -rumor has it that several runners completed their races in tutus, plastic handcuffs, boas and other atypical running of those finishes definitely need to be up on these pages!"

(photo courtesy of the Richmond Times Dispatch)



"Gabby U, helps sister Bella, age 7, get dressed up"

(photo courtesy of the Richmond Times Dispatch)

"Five and six year-olds launch onto the grassy Carillon mall at the beginning of their 200 meter race"

"Jack M. comparing strategies with Pedro C. right before the 4 year-olds line up at the starting line"

"Kate A. and Bella P. getting ready for their race"

"Buddies Jack M. and Felix G. proudly show off their medals - good job, fellas!"

"Ode H. reads the engraving on her medal while getting warmed up by mom Kristin - the sun was bright, but it was cold...brrr"