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About Ruby and Ruby's Run


2001 – 2006




It is hard to believe that almost four years have gone by.  Everyone who knew Ruby thinks of her often.  We all miss her and her beautiful family very much.  Ruby was a native of Richmond, Virginia. She lived in the city with her parents, Bryan and Kathryn, and her big sister, Stella, who was 9 years old. Stella and Ruby were quite different from each other, but they were very close. Stella made sure Ruby was included whenever they did fun things with other kids.

Ruby started preschool at Grace & Holy Trinity Child Care Center, and when it closed, she found a new home at a school in downtown Richmond. She enjoyed both preschools very much. Her classmates and teachers remember her as a sweet and happy little girl, who was careful to share and make sure other kids never got left out of any activity at school.


Ruby had a wonderful and colorful imagination. She liked to wear costumes and play make-believe, especially if it involved kitties. She loved listening to stories read aloud. She also loved going to the beach with her family and friends. Ruby delighted in running and playing outdoors.  In 2009, a garden in honor of Ruby will be created on the new playground of her preschool.  The moms and dads there want a visible reminder there in the place where Ruby was so happy. 

So, it seems fitting that we celebrate her life with an outdoor foot race by and for the children of the Richmond area. After she passed away at the beginning of 2006, a scholarship was started  so that other children could enjoy the same experience that Ruby had there, even if their parents needed help paying the tuition. We think Ruby and her family would have liked that. We wanted to remember Ruby in a fun way that brings kids together, and lets you make a difference.


 Because so many kids like you got together for Ruby's Run last year and the year before, the scholarship fund has grown.  While still helping to sponsor children at 2nd Presbyterian Childcare Center, we will also help sponsor children to attend the summer camp offered by Theatre IV: The Children's Theatre of Virginia.  The award-winning theatre is based here in Richmond.  Ruby's mom shared her artistic talents with the theatre; she helped make it a great place for kids to enjoy. 




Many children have asked “what can I do?” Ruby’s Run is one of the answers. Adults often give time and money to things they feel are important to make things better in their communities. We believe kids should have a chance to do that too. And we believe you should have fun doing it!



1. REGISTER by mailing in your registration or online- click here to register via mail or online.

Pay $5 (cash or check or paypal)

Fill out a registration form. We will need your:

First Name

Last Name

Age group

Boy or Girl?

Your school

Email address

Your T-shirt size


Everyone who registers gets a Ruby’s Run T-shirt. Your $5 helps pay for your shirt.



Ask your classmates, friends, family, neighbors, and teachers to make a pledge. This is how we raise money for the scholarship. A pledge is a promise that they will give a certain amount to the scholarship for you finish the run. Grown ups and kids can pledge. (print as many pledge forms as you want from the "Pledges" page)


There are a couple of ways you can turn in your pledges:

Collect them, cash or check (payable to Ruby Harvey Memorial Scholarship Fund) and bring them with you to the race.
Ask people to visit this website and pay their pledge online using our PayPal link.

3. SHOW UP ON THE DAY OF RUBY'S RUN! Lots of fun stuff will be going on.

The run is for kids only, so tell the grown-ups you know to come cheer you on!